Scrunchies Value Pack

$79 $100
Why settle for broken hairs, tangled frizz, and permanent kinks when you can treat yourself to a product that loves your hair as much as you do?
Handmade from the purest grade of long fiber silk and enforced with elastic, we designed our scrunchies to embrace hair as the perfect balance between everyday comfort, protection, and the highest levels of sophistication. 
Our collection is equally suited for cozy moments of self-care and intoxicating nights, which style will you choose? A formal ballet bun or a regal topknot? How about a simple braided ponytail for yoga sessions, morning walks, or restful days by the sea?
Our silk scrunchies are nothing like a traditional hair tie. At day’s end, you can remove them effortlessly without snagging, pulling, or risking damage to your hair. Or, leave them in and sleep softly while giving your delicate locks the protective treatment they deserve.
Details & Specifications :

FERKIN Silk is 100% Pure Organic Mulberry (highest grade, 6A) and 22 momme. 
Width: 4cm 
Enhanced with non-toxic dyes.
Certified by the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute and the Global Organic Textile Standard (the world’s best-known and most reputable labels for textiles).

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