Champagne Gold Pillowcase (King Size)


Elevate Your Nightly Rituals with Pure Luxury. 

Step into the realm of nightly indulgence with our Silk Pillowcases—a seamless blend of pure 25 momme, high-grade 6A Mulberry Silk, effortlessly elevating both your beauty and sleep routines.

Effortlessly Nourished Skin: Experience silk's gentle touch, reducing friction and minimizing sleep lines for naturally hydrated skin. Let your night cream work its magic, synergized by the silk pillowcase, enhancing its effects where it matters most.

Goodbye Morning Hair Woes: Bid adieu to morning hair troubles, as our silk pillowcases let your locks glide effortlessly, minimizing knots, split ends and frizz, ensuring consistently beautiful hair every day.

Soothing Sanctuary for Acne-Prone and Sensitive Skin: Enter hypoallergenic bliss as pure silk becomes your haven, preventing skin dryness, rashes, and acne. Tailored for allergy sufferers and those prone to acne, our silk pillowcases redefine practicality and comfort, transforming your nightly retreat into an unforgettable experience.

Ultimate Luxury in Every Thread: Indulge further in the ultimate luxury of Ferkin pillowcases—crafted from 25 momme silk, thicker and more durable than any other. 

Organic Assurance: Our silk, of the highest quality, is naturally organic and dyed with non-toxic materials, ensuring your skin is pampered and protected throughout the night. Rest easy, knowing Ferkin silk holds prestigious certifications, including OEKO-TEX 100—a testament to unwavering quality.

Discover the intersection of luxury and wellness with Ferkin silk pillowcases, and elevate your nights with a sensuous touch that transcends the ordinary.


  • 25 Momme, Grade 6A long thread, 100% pure Mulberry Silk pillowcase.
  • International Standard Pillowcase (20” x 36” | 51cm x 91cm)
  • Invisible zipper closure
  • Machine washable


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