Slip into something that feels divine and wave farewell to acne and irritation triggered by ordinary masks. FERKIN masks protect and pamper your skin, keeping you safe and beautiful. 

Savor the softness of FERKIN's premium silk as it gently caresses your skin as you move through your day. With a touch so delicate, this luxurious mask is pure pleasure to wear, complementing each of your outfit choices and adding a hint of elegance to your look. For those on the go, gently tug on the adjustable earloops, pinch the nose wire in place and you're off. From confidence and class to sweetly smiling eyes, this ultra smooth, silk mask will inspire compliments and elevate every occasion.


• Made with 100% pure Mulberry Silk – the highest quality silk available

• Made with non-toxic dyes

• Prevents breakouts and acne with natural anti-microbial properties

• Hypoallergenic and anti-aging

• Suitable for all skin types; even the most sensitive skin types

• Eco-friendly, biodegradable and reusable – a gentle friend to the planet

Breathable silk fabric - excellent for keeping cool during summer 

• Can be washed and reused without compromising its excellent quality

• Adjustable loops and nose wire allow for a snug fit

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